Congratulations to all new PADI Instructors in Dahab!!! We had some awesome  presentations in the water as well as in the classroom!! The candidates worked as a TEAM from day 1!!!

Have a look at the photos below as they say more than a million words!!

Congratulations Instructor Simo, Yasmeen, Amr and Jeremie!!

A huge thanks to our Staff Instructor Catherine!!

Next IDC in Dahab starting on the 28th of June!! Hope to see you there!!



a bit more relaxed now all dressed up Amr debriefing Amr exam time anyone nervous certification Amr certification Jeremie certification Simo certification Yasmeen certifications coffee and water confined water done Congratulations Team Sea Dancer congratulations to all new PADI Instructors day two of the IE Debriefing getting ready for OW girl power go team Sea Dancer going into OW IE time we are ready Jeremie debriefing Jeremie exam time Let's go team Live the dream Luke helping Catherine Luke is not too happy with the scores new PADI Instructor Amr new PADI Instructor Jeremie new PADI Instructor Simo new PADI Instructor Yasmeen no reason to be nervous OW briefing again OW briefing reliefed faces Simo debriefing Simo exam time Staff Instructors Catherine and Alex Team debriefing team Sea Dancer with examiner Nicole the youngest candidate time for Catherine to relax Travel the world Well done PADI Instructors Yasmeen debriefing Yasmeen exam time


The last few days went really quick and before we knew it the day of the exam was here. After the Theory exams we had to change the original plan as the south wind started to blow. The Lighthouse was definitely not “confined water” anymore so we actually went to the Red C Villas. The candidates were all of a sudden really well organized, as the temperature of the pool was 5 degrees less than the sea!!

Then we went back to the classroom for more presentations and finished quite early for the day. A big thank you to Examiner Nicole for her great organisation.

The next morning the Lighthouse was almost back to normal – well at least the weather was. So the Open Water and Rescue presentations could be done as planned.

So congratulations to all the new PADI Instructors in Dahab!!!! Well done everyone – specially Noora, Eddie, Urchin and Ortega from Sea Dancer Dive Center!! You guys made me proud!!!!

Also a huge congrats to Sami and Andrew for becoming a PADI Staff Instructor!!! It was fun having you in the course!! Looking forward to many more!!!

Check out the photos Sami took over the last couple of days!!! Thank you so much Sami for taking them!!!


after the cold pool briefing Eddie briefing Nicole briefing Noora briefing Ortega briefing Urchin briefings confined water 2 confined water congratulation PADI Instructor Ortega debrief Ortega debriefing dogs and cats Eddie just before open water Noora Open Water 1 Open Water 2 Open Water Ortega relief Rescue Sea Dancer setting up at Red C Villas tension the team The youngest candidate Urchin


The last few days went really really fast!!! We had some great presentations in the classroom and also brilliant scores in the water. But of course it was not easy all the way thru!!! There were a few scores of 1 – but as I always say – I rather have the one in the IDC…

So in two days time we will be in the middle of the IE!! Don’t worry guys! You are ready for it!!

The hard work over the last couple of weeks paid off!!

Now the only thing I can say is:

The best of success to all IE candidates for the last IE of the year in Dahab from all of us at Sea Dancer Dive Center!!!!

Ah and of course: Congratulations to the new PADI Staff Instructors Sami & Andrew!! Well done guys! It was great to have you on the IDC!!


Andrew Eddie exam time Eddie exam time Noora exam time Ortega exam time Urchin going in the water Noora briefing PADI Staff Instructor Andrew PADI Staff Instructor Sami Staff Team briefing Team Urchin


Well done Noora, Eddie, Urchin (Vlad, Drac), Ortega and Andrew!!! We had a fun day at Sea Dancer Dive Center with the EFR Instructor Course. It involved ketchup, soya sauce and a lot of alcohol spray!!!

Check out the photos below on awesome bandaging, CPR skills and exceptionally good baby kissing skills!!!!

Keep checking for the latest updates on the IDC!!


Alcohol spray on the Baby New hairdo Sami New bandaging techniques New bandaging techniques 2 Neck brace Noora CPR Andrew Kissing Andrew Kissing Eddie Kissing Noora Kissing Urchin Concentration on presentation Bandage Techniques At the end of day 1 hanging


Hard to believe that this year is almost finsihed again!!! The years seem to go faster and faster!! Good that we don’t get any older :-)

So two more days until we start the last IDC of 2016!! Preperations have been going well – all candidates are getting high marks in their Theory Exams!!!

On Saturday we will start with the EFR Instructor Course – a fun day out of the water, before we start with the IDC on Sunday!!

The water temperature is still at a nice 25 degrees Celsius this year, so we might be OK in our 5mm wetsuits!!

There are plenty of juveniles out in the bay at the moment so I’m looking forward to check them out soon!!

Check our webpage for the latest updates and photos!!!!

Greetings from sunny Dahab!!!



The bowline

nose man chair

great session

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