For a very long time, the thought of getting to dive the Lembeh Straits has been just that, a thought.  However, thanks to recently being in that part of the world to run an IDC with Two Fish Divers on Bunaken, my dream of diving Lembeh Straits became a reality!!  Conveniently, Two Fish Divers are also based on Lembeh, and so we planned into our itinerary to spend 4 days diving with them.  For those that don’t know it, the Lembeh Straits are considered one of the best ‘Muck Diving’ locations in the world!

From the mainland of North Suluwesi, you are met by one of Two Fish Divers own boats and transferred across the Straits onto the island direct to the resort.  The number of the people on the transfer will depend on the size of the boat they send.  Timing is key, and they will always endeavour to make sure the boat is waiting for you, not the other way around!  As there were only two of us, we got collected in their smaller, more powerful boat, so it took us next to no time to get across- around 10 mins…


As can be seen from the above photos it was a bit of an overcast day on the day of our transfer, however, on the days in which the sun is out, you get to have some spectacular views approaching the resort, and the island.  Lembeh is very mountainous, and so the guest rooms have been built on the side of the mountain.  This can allow for some spectacular views throughout the whole day, due to the orientation of the land, the evenings were a lot more enjoyable, and with the setting sun, creating some fantastic red skies.

Inside the rooms were just as fantastic as the outside.  The rooms we looked at were all to the same high standard, very well cared for and cleaned on a daily basis.  With the exception of their budget rooms, all had en-suite facilities, and due to how the resort has been designed, with their superior option, the cottages, your nearest neighbour is around 10m away, allowing you to relax on the balcony in either the very comfortable hammock, or just relaxing in the chairs provided.

Our first dive was just out the front of the centre on their house reef.  Some house reefs can be a bit disappointing, however, with theirs, this is not the case!  Just on our first dive we already saw an awful lot (and probably missed a lot more!)  One of the most enjoyable finds for me, was the Peacock Mantis Shrimp, one of my favourite critters.  Two Fish Divers get a considerable amount of DiveMaster Trainees, and whilst on Lembeh, one of their jobs is to create an object of their design and choosing to then sink on the house reef and help the centre to build and create an artificial reef.

The following few days we were out on one of their boats exploring!  In such a short space of time, we’d managed to visit 10 of the dive sites on offer, including a night dive, and a twilight Mandarin Dive.  Take a look at a selection of my favourite photos…

There are also some spectacular views whilst relaxing on the boats going to and from the dive sites, made even more enjoyable by the attentiveness of the boat staff, a bunch of really great guys!

Just so you can appreciate the effort made by the staff looking after the grounds in which the dive centre is set in, take a look at the following photos

As a lot of people know, I am very much a dog person.  As soon as I hear that there will be dogs at a location I intend to visit I do get excited.  Two Fish Divers, Lembeh, have got 3 of them!  Each dog different from the next with their own personality, so here’s Chocolate, Scooby, and the ‘Lembeh Tiger’-Pepper

Thank you to Two Fish Divers, Lembeh, the resort managers Matt and Dani, and finally to the owners Nigel and Tina.  Look forward to seeing you again soon!