I guess it’s safe to say that James does NOT like ropes – either for knots or for putting out CESA lines!! Therefore we’ll do it all again tomorrow!! We had some great fun today with people helping out and being students!!! Thakns you Roly for being an excellent student!!! Thanks Hannah for bringing us all back safely to the boat!!! And of course thanks Sandy for adding (as usual) to the FUN!! We had Liftbag skills and CESAs as well as knots and descents and ascents. We have gotten a step closer to becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!!!

awesome buddy team coming back down again everything is awesommmmme!!! IMG_9481 James and the rope James is still smiling James's got it all under control setting the CESA line Team extra messy Thanks Roly for helping out The liftbag 2 The liftbag we're having FUN!!! yellow and blue!!